Day 20: A 4000-Word Story About the Circle of Life

Special thanks to public members of City of Darebin for the inspiring “art installation”. Seriously folks, return the bloody trolleys already!! Advertisements

Day 10: Leah Cim’s Guide to Conducting an Interview (Part 2)

In the spirit of Australian Open, Leah Cim starts her interview series this time with the legendary Roger Federer’s… back up racquet. Enjoy! Roger Federer’s back up racquet A highly-strung individual Leah: Welcome back to Melbourne. Wilson: This is actually my first time. Leah: Really? Wilson: At least I think it is, I certainly didn’t … Continue reading

Day 8: Leah Cim’s Guide to Conducting an Interview (Part 1)

Ever noticed how politicians and football coaches give the same sort of non-answers in interviews? It’s almost as if they have gone off to some school to learn how to say nothing to the media. Fair enough, you might think, but fans of politicians and the public who depend on football coaches for leadership deserve … Continue reading

Day 7: Eight Random Things About Me (And Some Homework)

Recently I’ve been tagged by The LeanLife Coach to list eight random things about me. I don’t remember the last time I participated in this ritual, maybe three or four years ago when it was popular on Friendster (does anyone remember Friendster?). For the uninitiated, Friendster is an early social networking website that was (and … Continue reading

Day 4: A Juggler and A Possibly Unemployed Person Who’s Been Bribed

A Possibly Unemployed Person Only eight days into the year, I found out that I may not be staying in my job for long. Ironically, this week I’m going to review my career. Well, that will make things easier, won’t it? To be unfair, this is not due to my performance or lack thereof. An … Continue reading