Day 17: Valentine on Vulcan

On the second day, we marked the hilly areas as the no-go zones for the sake of my husband’s sanity. No, it was me who whinged a lot. If there was a painful part of holiday, that would be the obligatory souvenir acquisition for people at home. You can’t buy another cheap looking key ring … Continue reading

Day 16: Off to Middle Earth We Go

After four months of careful planning, my beloved and I went on our New Zealand holiday last Saturday. Atypically I didn’t feel much excitement for the trip. Maybe it’s partly due to my excessive reading on travel books about this beautiful country prior to the trip. It felt like I already accomplished it in my … Continue reading

Day 15: Leah Cim in Ogling Ron Mueck’s Sculptures

Where to look when a naked man lies on the floor? Where not to look? Flat on his back, his head points toward the entrance, so the approaching, fully-clothed, onlookers arrive from above. Look at his grey hair, flowing backwards under gravity’s direction, a hint of nose, and bare, pale grey shoulders. But how close … Continue reading

Day 14: The February Purge Challenge

After a month of philosophising, I decided to get off the chair and do the hard stuff, the real work, the hard yakka! Now, I’m not going to give up the luxury of being an armchair life commentator completely, I just need to do something outside my comfort zone and see some real results. Thinking … Continue reading

Day 13: Will You Be Missed When You’re Gone?

A few days ago, I listened to Seth Godin’s interview on Untemplater about his entrepreneurial endeavour. It is interesting how he reminded Jun about dozens of his past failures which have been dwarfed by his successes. True to his style, Seth provided sharp and inspirational advice to his audience. While his advice about being passionate … Continue reading

Day 12: How the Economy Works: The Merry-Go-Round

Yesterday, I invited a couple of real estate agents to perform an appraisal to our house. After two years of home-ownership, they told us that the house value has increased by 27%. Well, actually that’s our conservative number. They predicted a more upbeat number of 35%. So there we were, woke up one morning, and … Continue reading

Day 11: Designing Your Life with Savings Snowball

Most PF bloggers talk about the legendary debt snowball method but only a few who discuss about savings snowball. Since the method is simple and efficient, why not apply it in other areas too? The goal of this exercise is to utilise your extra cash efficiently and design the life you wish. By listing your … Continue reading

Day 10: Leah Cim’s Guide to Conducting an Interview (Part 2)

In the spirit of Australian Open, Leah Cim starts her interview series this time with the legendary Roger Federer’s… back up racquet. Enjoy! Roger Federer’s back up racquet A highly-strung individual Leah: Welcome back to Melbourne. Wilson: This is actually my first time. Leah: Really? Wilson: At least I think it is, I certainly didn’t … Continue reading

Day 9: And the Award of “Miss Communication” Goes To…

… the blind were shouting “Listen!” while the deaf said “Can’t you see?”… Afro Lover by James. Talking about miscommunication in relationship is a tricky matter. You could either spend watching the entire six seasons of Sex and the City, analyzing every detail of words, inflections, sequence of events, deciphering hidden or mixed messages and … Continue reading

Day 8: Leah Cim’s Guide to Conducting an Interview (Part 1)

Ever noticed how politicians and football coaches give the same sort of non-answers in interviews? It’s almost as if they have gone off to some school to learn how to say nothing to the media. Fair enough, you might think, but fans of politicians and the public who depend on football coaches for leadership deserve … Continue reading