2010 Goals

Hmmm.... tempting. But you may not see Maldives, or your money back if you sign up for this trip.


“Smart Efficiency”

Financial Goals:

1. Maintain the investment property fund already saved.

2. Maintain the cash reserve we already save.

3. Save $40,000 for our round the world trip in 2011.

Career Goals:

1. Improve leadership, problem-solving and communication skills.

2. Learn two new financial subjects.

3. Earn 20% higher salary as the result.

Personal Goals:

1. Get my Open Water Scuba Diving certificate.

2. Build a thriving vegetable garden.

3.  Holiday to New Zealand in February.

4. Organise the house.

5. Get rid of 365 items at home that have resale value (clothes, electrical appliances, books, husband? :)) either by selling, giving, donating or throwing them out.

2 Responses to “2010 Goals”
  1. Moira says:

    Great things on your goal this year! how do you know there are exactly 365 items at home that you need to get rid of?
    one other question, how do you improve the point # 1 on your career goals? i could use one for now 🙂

    hope you managed to reach the target this year. Happy New year to you too!


    • Bytta says:

      Most of the stuff to get rid of will be HIS books and HIS DVDs 😉 Lol.
      About point #1 on my career goals, the practical thing to do is to get myself into trouble and solve it :). Seriously, I read a lot of books, talk to a lot of people who have more experience, observe them and finally just do it.

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