Yakezie Newsletter #1

Yakezie Invasion on Wisebread The Yakezie group has been making tremendous progress. In the beginning, there was only a few Yakezie members listed on the first page of Wisebread blog. As of today, we have 16 active members present on the Wisebread’s top 100 financial blogs. They are: 1.   Financial Samurai (21) 2.   Eliminate the … Continue reading

The 200K Yakezie Roundup (and some personal note)

It’s Saturday here, and there’s nothing more relaxing than reading what my fellow Yakezie members wrote. Being in the group has been an interesting and, at the same time, confusing experience to me. Even more baffling than the hail we just had. It’s just the beginning of autumn here, but we still have 30+ degrees … Continue reading