Day 22: Where Do You Draw Inspiration?

A boy and a girl cheekily posed next to a red Ferrari while their mother took a picture. They were so enthralled by the first take, both insisted to have a couple more. The other adults, who were part of the group, stood a cautious distance from the excitement, probably slightly embarrassed. It was an … Continue reading

Day 15: Leah Cim in Ogling Ron Mueck’s Sculptures

Where to look when a naked man lies on the floor? Where not to look? Flat on his back, his head points toward the entrance, so the approaching, fully-clothed, onlookers arrive from above. Look at his grey hair, flowing backwards under gravity’s direction, a hint of nose, and bare, pale grey shoulders. But how close … Continue reading

Happy New Year, Earthlings!

Now that everybody around the world is on the same page, I wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead. I (and as many economists – so please don’t take it seriously) believe this year will be better as the global economy recovers. As the developed economies improve, let’s hope the result will reverberate … Continue reading