Day 6: Four Reasons I’m Not A Diva (And Neither Are You)

Facing possible unemployment can be nerve-wracking. But it has opened upĀ  possibilities I didn’t think about before. After three days of soul-searching, I came up with the idea of being a… diva. Merriam-Webster defines diva as a prima donna; a usually glamorous and successful female performer or personality. These days, anyone wearing outfit two sizes … Continue reading

Day 4: A Juggler and A Possibly Unemployed Person Who’s Been Bribed

A Possibly Unemployed Person Only eight days into the year, I found out that I may not be staying in my job for long. Ironically, this week I’m going to review my career. Well, that will make things easier, won’t it? To be unfair, this is not due to my performance or lack thereof. An … Continue reading