Day 19: How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in Record Time

When we bought our house a couple of years ago, we already had credit card debt, two car loans and a margin loan (shares investment loan). We estimated that it would take 10 years to pay off the mortgage and other debts. However, with aggressive lifestyle adjustments we have been doing in the past 1.5 … Continue reading

Day 14: The February Purge Challenge

After a month of philosophising, I decided to get off the chair and do the hard stuff, the real work, the hard yakka! Now, I’m not going to give up the luxury of being an armchair life commentator completely, I just need to do something outside my comfort zone and see some real results. Thinking … Continue reading

Day 11: Designing Your Life with Savings Snowball

Most PF bloggers talk about the legendary debt snowball method but only a few who discuss about savings snowball. Since the method is simple and efficient, why not apply it in other areas too? The goal of this exercise is to utilise your extra cash efficiently and design the life you wish. By listing your … Continue reading

Day 4: A Juggler and A Possibly Unemployed Person Who’s Been Bribed

A Possibly Unemployed Person Only eight days into the year, I found out that I may not be staying in my job for long. Ironically, this week I’m going to review my career. Well, that will make things easier, won’t it? To be unfair, this is not due to my performance or lack thereof. An … Continue reading

Day 2: Budget Review, Part Deux

Today I finally stepped my foot to the gym after procrastinating for six weeks. I don’t know what it is that I fear about exercising. Oh wait, yes, the muscle pain and the slow result. Regardless, I finally did it and it felt good. Probably more to the absolution rather than the physical fitness, but … Continue reading