Day 24: You Are What You See

The other night, my beloved scored a couple of free tickets to The Barber of Seville opera and invited me to come along during the day. I was in my “my-boss-is-not-in-the-office” uniform of jeans, tank top and sneakers and ready to say no. But I remembered the last time we went out for an opera … Continue reading

Day 21: A Dull Monday Morning in Australia…

… or is it? For those of you curious how we start the week here in Australia, you’re in luck! This is how we do it! Spencer Tunick visits Australia for the 2010 Mardi Gras and took photos of 5200 naked people in front of the iconic Opera House. Check out the photos here*. No, … Continue reading

Day 20: A 4000-Word Story About the Circle of Life

Special thanks to public members of City of Darebin for the inspiring “art installation”. Seriously folks, return the bloody trolleys already!!

Day 15: Leah Cim in Ogling Ron Mueck’s Sculptures

Where to look when a naked man lies on the floor? Where not to look? Flat on his back, his head points toward the entrance, so the approaching, fully-clothed, onlookers arrive from above. Look at his grey hair, flowing backwards under gravity’s direction, a hint of nose, and bare, pale grey shoulders. But how close … Continue reading