Day 25: Being 37 is Sexy

In 2008, the government held Australia 2020 Summit where 1000 brilliant minds participated in discussions on Australia’s long term development and desired future as a nation in 2020.

On a smaller scale (but not less important), Ninja challenged us yesterday to write a letter to our future self in 10 years. To be honest, I don’t even know what I’m going to have for dinner, let alone what I’ll be in 10 years. But let’s not poop the party. One can dream, one can hope, one can prepare a path. So, without further adieu, here’s mine:

Photo Courtesy of Wilson

Dear Sexy,

Remember 10 years ago, at 27, you thought being a woman after 35 is super sexy and hot. Well, look at yourself now. You were right, as usual ;).

Now, where are you?

Somewhere obscure on earth? Or are you back in Australia to recharge your finance and energy before going back on the road? Or are you (helped by beloved husband) writing your autobiography after winning that Nobel prize? (LOL, you were such a dreamer then, are you still one?)

I hope you and beloved husband still love and respect each other. Despite several “quirks” over the years, you two still believe that you’ll end up being two old skeletons holding each other (that’s me being romantic). Does he still pull the May the 4th joke? Unbelievable!

Remember how you always scoffed at the idea of climbing the corporate ladder but secretly wanted to be the next Gail Kelly? How about that now? Have you tried both? Which one do you like better? Does it matter? I hope not.

Because at this stage, you have passed the millionaire status.

You don’t need a lot of money to live on because the mortgage has been paid off years ago; you have no debt except for the investment–related loan which provides you nice cash flow.

Kids? 10 years ago you were at the “browsing but not buying” period. I think you probably have a toddler by now. God, I hope she/he is feisty and bouncy. Not to mention the brilliant mind she/he inherits from her/his mum (Cheers, baby ;)).

I hope you don’t live up the suburban dream.

I hope you never quench your thirst and curiosity about the world.

I hope you don’t send people to sleep when you talk about your life journey.

I hope people widen their eyes and ask “What? Really? How? Tell me more!!” when they find out about what you do… in a good and wonderful context, of course.

You’re still cautious but not afraid to enter the battle. Sometimes you win, the other times you learn. You’ve made mistakes, but guess what, things that don’t make you stronger will kill you (yeah, yeah, I know the original quote, it’s boring).

Look at the scars from your past battles. Be proud of them. You give all of yourself. You live!


From Your Younger and More Naïve Version

24th of March 2010

5 Responses to “Day 25: Being 37 is Sexy”
  1. MFO says:

    Haha I love the intro: “Hey Sexy”… nice lol!

    Most important line I feel: “Because at this stage, you have passed the millionaire status”. I also like the rest of your points. Reading these has been a great excercise, I’m looking forward to writting mine!

  2. MoneyHoneySF says:

    Very nicely written!

    Reminds me of the Faith Hill song.

  3. Money Funk says:

    Millionaire Status in 10 years…. it can be done! Nice letter. 🙂
    I should write one myself. To consider. (I think it will be reallydifficult to write – lol).

  4. Kellen says:

    Haha, what a great letter to yourself! Touching and funny at the same time.

    When we wrote letters to our future selves when we were little, they always made me cringe when I read them later…

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