Yakezie Newsletter #1

Yakezie Invasion on Wisebread

The Yakezie group has been making tremendous progress. In the beginning, there was only a few Yakezie members listed on the first page of Wisebread blog.

As of today, we have 16 active members present on the Wisebread’s top 100 financial blogs. They are:

1.   Financial Samurai (21)

2.   Eliminate the Muda (39)

3.   Free From Broke (42)

4.   Planting Dollars (37)

5.   Sweating The Big Stuff (45)

6.   Canadian Finance Blog (58)

7.   Darwin’s Finance (63)

8.   20’s Money (67)

9.   Credit Card Chaser (70)

10. Monevator (78)

11. Early Retirement Extreme (75)

12. My Jouney to Millions (74)

13. Fiscal Fizzle (80)

14. Ultimate Money Blog (88)

15. Money Funk (95)

16. Punch Debt In The Face (98)

An honourable mention for MBA Briefs who, despite the temporary shut down on his website, manages to snag the 92nd spot on Wisebread’s ranking. Well done, David! We’re looking forward to your comeback!

I asked a couple of first-timers about the difference it makes. Coach from Eliminate the Muda says that he receives offers for guest post, advertising inquiries and extra traffic from Wisebread. Daniel (Sweating The Big Stuff) agrees on the traffic increase and adds that he has some offers on book review. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to say no to free books.

Monevator experiences similar pattern, although he points out that the increased visibility has given him more of psychological boost and focus than anything else. Being a non-US/Canadian blogger has its own challenge due to local relevance (and some quirky colloquial such as “I’ve been bollocked by my neighbours for dobbing him in.” I don’t think I’m Aussie enough to blurt that out :)) but he overcomes it by linking his blog to various international bloggers and writing articles that speak universally.

New Business in Town

Christine at Money Funk is hot on the heels with her raw vegan business idea. You can check out her brilliant ideas on the blog. I’m amazed by her passion and energy to pursue this idea in the midst of her already busy life.

Another person who has relentless energy and passion is Coach from Eliminate the Muda who is taking over Save Every Way, a daily savings tips and reminder website. If you haven’t joined the site and text reminder, I encourage you to do so. Unfortunately for me, the SMS/text subscription is limited to US, Canada and UK.

If you missed this out, check out Elle’s (from Couple Money) article on Problogger about building a better blog in 31 days. She has great advice for blog improvement; being in a niche blog network such as Yakezie has definitely helped.

Finally, for all my competitive fellows out there, check out the Yakezie rank movement and new blog posts on Credit Card Chaser and My Journey to Millions.

Have a great week, everyone!

8 Responses to “Yakezie Newsletter #1”
  1. Nice job! Thanks for giving us the update.

    FYI.. there are some non-U.S. carriers supported by SaveEveryWay. Send me a note with yours and I will investigate adding it it possible.

    Long live the Yakezie!

  2. Money Funk says:

    You’re right.. in the midst of my already busy life. I think I need to spring clean my time and see what can be delegated so I don’t wear out! LOL. Thank you for the link luv and pointing out there are quite a few of us on the 1st page! That’s fantasic everyone!

    I do get more book reviews, but that started with a trail at Financial Samurai’s site. I do get lots of requests for guest posts. Unfortunately, I don’t care for many of the companies coming forth. And i alot of twitter followers coming my way. It may be due to frontpage on Wisebread. Steady increase of exposure, too.

    Thanks for putting this all together!

  3. Ninja says:

    Booya. Glad I could sneak in the last spot! Hopefully I can stay on the front page!

  4. Great newsletter, thanks for the update! I would love if Wisebread would get my “new” URL (non-Blogspot) listed on there so I can be in the top 150! =) Hopefully they’ll get to my request soon. Great job to everyone on page 1!

  5. I just can’t believe how far everyone has gone. We’re all moving up and it’s so exciting. When I first joined, I didn’t think 200k was possible, but I thought “what the heck.” Now it’s definitely within reach and there are months left to the first challenge.

  6. Congratulations everyone!!

    Wow free books- that’s not a bad deal at all =)

    Now if wisebread would actually PUT me on their list.. lol! =)

  7. FinEngr says:


    Thanks for doing this! I like that it highlights our accomplishments within the group.

    The round-up’s and carnival’s only focus on what we’re writing, but this helps us sidestep the rocket-fueled progress and rest on our laurels a bit!

    Great job again!

  8. Bytta says:

    @ All: thanks for the kind words and congratulations to those who make the list. I hope this will motivate more of us to be more pro-active in the blogosphere. I know I am.

    Another thing I notice is the growth doesn’t happen overnight, although it is faster than the traditional way; being a loner blogger. Organic and stable progress is better in the long run.

    I wonder how many of us will grace the first page of Wisebread by the end of the challenge.

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