Day 25: Being 37 is Sexy

In 2008, the government held Australia 2020 Summit where 1000 brilliant minds participated in discussions on Australia’s long term development and desired future as a nation in 2020. On a smaller scale (but not less important), Ninja challenged us yesterday to write a letter to our future self in 10 years. To be honest, I … Continue reading

Yakezie Newsletter #1

Yakezie Invasion on Wisebread The Yakezie group has been making tremendous progress. In the beginning, there was only a few Yakezie members listed on the first page of Wisebread blog. As of today, we have 16 active members present on the Wisebread’s top 100 financial blogs. They are: 1.   Financial Samurai (21) 2.   Eliminate the … Continue reading

Day 24: You Are What You See

The other night, my beloved scored a couple of free tickets to The Barber of Seville opera and invited me to come along during the day. I was in my “my-boss-is-not-in-the-office” uniform of jeans, tank top and sneakers and ready to say no. But I remembered the last time we went out for an opera … Continue reading

Day 23: Is Travelling Worth Your Money?

A growing trend within the PF blogosphere shows a preference for spending money on “experience” rather than  “stuff”. Like the last wave of feel-good-new-age-movement (Hello, The Secret), this idea is immediately embraced by most of us because it appeals to our idea of happiness and good life. Who doesn’t like holidays? It’s as if this … Continue reading

Day 22: Where Do You Draw Inspiration?

A boy and a girl cheekily posed next to a red Ferrari while their mother took a picture. They were so enthralled by the first take, both insisted to have a couple more. The other adults, who were part of the group, stood a cautious distance from the excitement, probably slightly embarrassed. It was an … Continue reading

The 200K Yakezie Roundup (and some personal note)

It’s Saturday here, and there’s nothing more relaxing than reading what my fellow Yakezie members wrote. Being in the group has been an interesting and, at the same time, confusing experience to me. Even more baffling than the hail we just had. It’s just the beginning of autumn here, but we still have 30+ degrees … Continue reading

Day 21: A Dull Monday Morning in Australia…

… or is it? For those of you curious how we start the week here in Australia, you’re in luck! This is how we do it! Spencer Tunick visits Australia for the 2010 Mardi Gras and took photos of 5200 naked people in front of the iconic Opera House. Check out the photos here*. No, … Continue reading