Day 13: Will You Be Missed When You’re Gone?

A few days ago, I listened to Seth Godin’s interview on Untemplater about his entrepreneurial endeavour. It is interesting how he reminded Jun about dozens of his past failures which have been dwarfed by his successes. True to his style, Seth provided sharp and inspirational advice to his audience. While his advice about being passionate to the process (instead of the  hobby) makes me feel more optimistic (since I have no particular hobby I’m truly passionate about), he said something else that really hit home: will you be missed when you’re gone?

From what I can surmise, the context of his talk is about your existence in business world or for most bloggers, in the blogosphere community. If you stop blogging or cease your business, will your peers and the community miss you?

However, I wish to take it further. I’m talking about our mortality here. Most of us have family and close friends who would mourn when we’re scheduled to see our Creator. But what about beyond that? Have we made a dent in our community?

Yes, we talk about saving for retirement fund and what to do if we live until 150. They are all important things to consider.  But what would happen after that? More importantly, what would happen if you’re going to die next year? Next month? Next week? Or even tomorrow?

The funny thing is, while most of us have NO idea when we’re going to die, we assume and live as if we have all the time in the world.

Think about it, if you die tomorrow, what would people say about you in your funeral? What legacy have you left behind?

Obviously this is a big concept that everyone thinks about but is rarely acted upon. There is no way I could summarise the importance of leaving your legacy behind based on the minute knowledge I have gathered in the past (almost) 27 years. To that end, I will leave you with these questions:

1. Have you made someone else feel special today?

2. Have you told someone you love them today?

3. Have you put other person’s interest before yours today?

“Immortality lies not in the things you leave behind, but in the people your life has touched.” Anonymous.

5 Responses to “Day 13: Will You Be Missed When You’re Gone?”
  1. Great post, Bytta. I’m liking my online friends more each day 😉

    Very wise words for someone so young, and I’m going to do all three things today!

    • Bytta says:

      Hi David,
      Thanks for the kind words. Well, age is an illusion, isn’t it? 😉 (I heard that statement mostly from aging and botox-filled rockers and celebrities)
      Hope you had a great day, then 🙂

  2. Tracy says:

    This is my first visit to your blog and I’m glad I made the trip. This post contains one of my favorite sentiments. I started the day with a migraine and decided that was the perfect opportunity to be a bit of a shut in and work on a post I’ve been planning. That’s done now, so it’s time to go outside and breathe some fresh air. Along the way I will #1 call my mom, #2 email a friend and #3take the dog for a walk.

    • Bytta says:

      Hi Tracy,
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      It’s a non-urgent important thing that tends to be left out behind the noise of daily life. I suppose sentiment like that is one of the things that makes us human, right?

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