Day 4: A Juggler and A Possibly Unemployed Person Who’s Been Bribed

A Possibly Unemployed Person

Only eight days into the year, I found out that I may not be staying in my job for long. Ironically, this week I’m going to review my career. Well, that will make things easier, won’t it?

To be unfair, this is not due to my performance or lack thereof. An external force might compel my operation to be shut down. Funnily, when I found out about this, I wasn’t worried at all. I laughed, I jokingly told my colleague to cancel her holiday and start penny-pinching; and she laughed back at me. Yes, it is an unusual reaction for someone who might face possible unemployment and lose a very decent income.

I think there are a few reasons why I responded this way:

1. I see my work as a job, not a channel to express myself.

2. While I’m not particularly passionate about my work, I find the environment to be easy, the pay is very good and the nature of the work to be easy and challenging at the same time. They are the reasons why I decide not to quit for the time being, but they are not compelling enough to keep me around for long. Maybe when I’m forced to quit, I would find that relief.

3. We have a decent cash reserves to sustain us for two years provided that my beloved keeps his job. It will halt our savings progress, but we won’t be deprived.

4. Maybe, maybe when I’m out there fighting alone without the safety net of my current job, I would be brave (read: crazy, desperate) enough to finally make a bold move.

Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme posted about how to define work yesterday. He argued that loving your work depends on the balance between the aspects you like and dislike about the work (95 to 5 ratio). In that case, love will be far from my mind when I describe my feeling towards the job.

In the environment where we are encouraged (or insisted) to love our work and to be passionate about our job, what are we missing when we’re outside this “cool kids” club?

A Saxophonist Who Juggles

And you think cooking and doing a hand-stand at the same time is too hard? Try this.

Lessons to learn:

1. My life is relatively easy.

2. I’m a shy person and it took me a while before I asked her to redo the act. She had to take a break from the juggling so she could play a decent tune with both hands. It turns out, people are nice when asked nicely (duh!). And, they’re happy to help too. I felt good after that. Lame? Thank you.

A Bribery

Last week I mentioned about how our utility company is going to increase the bill by 30% and I’ve been looking around for a better deal. A few days ago, we received a bulky package from them. It turned out, they are sending us a groceries voucher for $40 and a fancy coffee table book about chocolate (Arrgh! How do they know?). I realised that it’s a form of “bribery” to keep us and I appreciate that they see us as worthy enough to be “bribed”. But would this stop me from tarting around looking for a better deal? Hell, no. The cost increase is substantially higher than the value of those two items.  When I find something cheaper, I would definitely make my move. So, why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?

Have you ever been “bribed” to keep your business?


2 Responses to “Day 4: A Juggler and A Possibly Unemployed Person Who’s Been Bribed”
  1. Wow, this is like three posts in one….

    Sorry to hear about the job but like you say it may be a good thing in the end.

    How many people really love their job? I don’t think there are enough of those jobs to go around. If you have it, you are extremely lucky! If you don’t, I believe you owe it to yourself to redesign it from within to make the most out of it.

    Bribes?- Never thought about it before but is business run on bribes? Every coupon or discount is bribe of sorts, right?

    • Bytta says:

      Oh well, thank you. I might have been overreacting, I might hang around for longer, but I do have an exit plan.

      Three posts? Oh, now that you mentioned it, I might do one or two topics in one go and keep other topics for the rainy days. Thank you.

      Bribery is just another way I see it. Mostly business people call it “incentive”. Not as fun, though 🙂

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