Day 3: The Investment Review: Time for the Truth

All this time, I consider myself to be financially literate but in reality I’ve been too scared to review my investment portfolio. I haven’t always been like that, the GFC has made me a wimpy investor. Today, I will brave myself and look at how my investment performs in the past 12 months. As the market rebounds, the 1-year result looks salivating. Alas, since I bought some of them in 2007, the overall return looks pretty grim. Last year I bought mostly mainstream sectors as the mining sector took the biggest hit during the economy meltdown. Come to see the numbers now, the mining sector actually had the biggest rally last year. If I had bought the same number of mining shares a year ago, I would have at least made a break-even.

Shares Portfolio:

Sector 1-year Return Overall Return Size
Retail 9% -4% 17.28%
Mining 100% -24% 6.29%
Mining 162.90% -30.00% 10.98%
Mining 114.60% -78% 2.33%
Mining 184.20% -71.68% 3.75%
Biotech 12.03% 12.03% 18.05%
Top 50 7.75% 7.75% 21.02%
Banking 0.11% 0.11% 20.30%

Next is my managed fund portfolio. I started monthly contribution in 2007 and stopped around late 2008 after realising that the fund managers still charged me for “services” despite the dismal returns. Yes, I should have known this when I opened the account but reality is a ruthless teacher. Here I only show the 1-year return since I left the original documents at the office. It doesn’t look too bad, but I can confidently say that I haven’t recouped my initial investment. I can also see that my investment is probably overly diversified and I don’t put enough fund in the international market sector. This year, I will put more research into emerging market fund and see if I should sell some of my existing fund.

Managed/Mutual Fund Portfolio

Sector 1-year Return Size
Australian Property -1.24% 16.50%
Global Ethical Fund 1.98% 20%
Small Companies 75.24% 25.54%
Australian Shares Index 31.50% 10.97%
Balanced Fund 13.20% 9.57%
International Index 20.51% 10.13%
Australian Geared Shares 74.36% 7.24%

How’s your investment performing so far? Is your investment diversified properly? Which sector will you invest more this year?


Things to do next week: Result
1. Downgrade health insurance. Done (4/1/2010)
2. Contact other utility provider. Done (7/1/2010)
3. Research about emerging market. In Progress
4 Responses to “Day 3: The Investment Review: Time for the Truth”
  1. Nanci Loxley says:

    Come on, give me a break! I’m just not buying it. Anyone could make this stuff up – where do you get your information?

    • Bytta says:

      Hi Nanci,
      Haha, indeed. Who knows? What about other PF bloggers who reveal their net worth? Who can verify their claim other than themselves?
      I’m not saying I’m a good investor, on the contrary, I’m pretty average and still learning. I think i just use it as a review for myself.
      One stock I have is MCR that went down as far as $0.59 last year and is now sitting at $1.92 (but I’m still losing. Damn 20/20 hindsight! :))
      I think you can easily pick any stock right now, check out their 1-year return and see a 3-digit return.
      Thanks for dropping by.

      • Monevator says:

        Hi Bytta – Nanci doesn’t exist, she’s spam. Check the commenter’s URL for these sorts of spammy comments that sound intelligent but actually just point to spammy URLs.

        Hope this is useful input – not trying to teach you to suck eggs! 🙂

  2. Bytta says:

    Whoa Nelly!
    My first days of blogging, I guess I fell into the newbie trap 😀
    Thanks for pointing that out.
    These days I’m getting better at weeding out the spam comment even the one that got away from the auto filter.
    Lest we forget our naive days.

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